barriers and barricades (old)

by jonah canepa

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My first project.


released May 27, 2015




jonah canepa Columbia, South Carolina


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Track Name: red balloon
Red Balloon,
Why do you suppress my air in June?
When really it is august
but I will see you soon
Little one,
Why must you close your eyes when you are scared?
I promise you it's not that bad out there
this world we live in.
(I'm not afraid, I'm not alone)
Track Name: barriers
And when you sleep,
I’ll be waiting to see you soon.
The monsters underneath my bed,
are trying to kill you, out of my mind.
I know, I know, I know, I know, that you know, it’s true.
That I’m not afraid to die, That I’m not afraid to die.
But I’m afraid to live this way.

Lovely I thought you might leave me,
and now I see why I’m not moving on I think it’s time I say good,
I thought you might understand,
darling, I’ve got nothing to lose.
& when you say goodbye, I want to be there with you.
So open up your barriers.
Open up your barriers.

I am here.
Face your fears.
Face your fears.
Track Name: barricades
It’s 8 o’ clock somewhere, and I was singing “I wish you were here”
Are you afraid to die? or are you afraid to live?
I don’t think we could fear, anything by eachothers side

So we’ll play hide and seek until we, forget about the game
Cause soon the thought of me, will drive you insane
It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I care too much

Wake me up, before you realize that I am not enough
My life is a nightmare so please interrupt
I miss your lips, I miss your kiss

Tighten up your seatbelts cause life’s a crazy ride
I think we need some wine, I think we need more time.
Track Name: waves
If love is blind it’s because you set my eyes on fire,
they say you shouldn’t stare at the sun.
If you were a wave you’d be the one to take me under,
feelings so deep that I will drown.

Take a look past my complexion,
these songs are my perception of your beautiful everything.
I’m just a kid with no direction, I would love to find the answers,
but I’m lost inside my dreams.

I am weak in the knees for you,
blue skies could never stop my demise.
So tell me what the hell are we going to do,
if the fear won’t stop the lies.
You loved me once, you can love me again.
Won’t you go tell all your friends?

All we’ve got is time,
& All we have is time,
& I hope that you won’t mind
but I’m in love with your smile.
Track Name: ode to miami
I’ll ride the train,
wherever it goes
There's some things in life
That we don't have to know
& I'm just a kid
Who doesn't know love
Lost in your starry eyes
Not with the drugs
God is real
If you are an angel
So let's make a toast
To what time we have left
This life is not guaranteed, but I guarantee
I won't let you down
I am the scream in the hallways at night
In my head, I am drowning
We are the barriers and barricades
Keeping us safe from each other
You can fall in love with anyone
if you wanted to
But there's something about her
I didn't have to choose
Close your eyes,
we've got nothing to lose.